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Proche des commerces (et des étoiles) / Poster, invitation card, leaflet

Editor L'Orangerie, Bastogne

Published in May 2023

These three prints accompany the exhibition held at the L'Orangerie art centre in Bastogne in May 2023. 

The A3 poster for the exhibition intertwines an advertisement for an estate agency, an optician and a photo of an American flag. A sort of core sample of the subconscious of Bastogne, once the scene of the Battle of the Bulge, now an attractive commercial town. On the front, a starry constellation is drawn with undulating lines threading through the names of the town's shops and restaurants. 

The A5 invitation card features a Google Map of the centre of Bastogne on the front, and on the back a graphic composition again combining information about the exhibition and a list of Bastogne's shops. Each card is hand-punched with a few stars. The American flag also plays the role of ghost. 

The small leaflet features a sentence evoking cross-country skiing on the front, and a graphic composition suggesting a zigzagging track.


An edition of Marie Glaize, in collaboration with Louis Clais and Yoann Van Parys

Published on January, 1st, 2023

As December approaches, French artist Marie Glaize collaborates with other merrymakers to design an edition that encapsulates the year ahead. In a word: a calendar. Invited to work on the 2023 edition, in the company of Louis Clais, we spent a weekend in Paris during which we considered a dozen possible calendars: a calendar on the perishable leaves of a tree in the Buttes-Chaumont park, a calendar scattered on the anonymous doorbells of Parisian residents, and so on. The choice was the subject of a debate as bitter as it was joyful. At the end of the weekend, a solution was found around the sign "=", separating all the dates of the year. A Zen equivalence of days, à la John Cage. An inclination to fantasy leads some of the opposing factions to add a cut-out shoe to this clear equation. A sort of seven-point boot to leap over the throes of the day. This double sesame would be slipped into the pockets of friends: an equivalence and an accessory. However, it is soon a cousin of the '=' sign that appears: the '≃' sign. This equivalence in nuance wins votes, like the mathematical formula that has finally run through our exchanges. The days passed, and the doubt still plagues Marie Glaize, our Queen of Sheba. She launched the idea of a postcard that would allow our equations to leave the Parisian flat where they were born. And so it is done: the Post Office offers us its logistical support. 2023 is going somewhere. 2023 is going to someone. Well, more or less...

The sense of the measure

Published in February 2022 on the occasion of the Limited Edition Art Fair 2022, Villa Empain, Brussels

January 2022: Omicron is in the air, just like the various Covid passports in the world. I can’t go out of my living room. Everyone speaks on television. We ask numbers to tell us the thruth. Everyone speaks in his or her own name. One tries to teach the children’s people the rigt way. All the boys and the girls in the country are concerned. It’s not sure you’re gonna success this way my Macron. You neglected the human candour in the end. And then it seems that the separate elements of this edition, decorate the other works in the neighbourhood . A comment, a caption, a call for actions. This is how it works, this edition. 

YOU KEEP ME UNDER NO SMELL / How to make sense without you?

Published in November 2021

Editors Margherita Falqui, Marina Marques and Silvia Marchese

The group named Curatela Placebo, formed during the first months of the pandemic, in the context of the Visual Arts department of the IUAV university of Venice, is composed of Margherita Falqui, Marina Marques et Silvia Marchese. It conceived and produced an edition as a First-Aid-Kit. It integrates the contributions of Enrico Boccioletti, Francesco Fazzi, IOKOI, Mariko Hori, Maria Electra Pacini, Raffaella Naldi Rossano, Nuvola Ravera, Margherita Soldati, Marco Sgarbossa, Michele Tiberio & Diletta Tonatto, Stefania Zanetti & Matteo Bellomo. My own contribution is a list of what would constitute, accoring to personnal and/or popular convictions, a "Beautiful death", and what would be on the contrary a "Stupid death". 

The text, written by the group, presenting the whole edition is the following : 

" In the last few months we have been conducting research together, on a current and relevant issue: the loss of the sense of smell, especially caused by covid. The loss of smell is not a topic, it is a symptom: it means losing contact with an invisible reality that surrounds the things we have around us. It is losing confidence in one’s intuition. Due to the constant deodorizing and digitizing of things the loss of smell was already a relevant topic of research, both as a disease and lack of contact in our contemporary world, and it now seems imperative to us to address it.


1 avril, april, aprile, April, aprile, abril 2021

Published on April, 23, 2021 during the Limited Edition Art Fair, Villa Empain, Brussels

This edition is presented on the occasion of the LEAF2021, in an ultramarine cardboard box. Nine series of eight colored paper appear, reproducing sixteen headlines from nine different news website, exactly like they were on April, 1st, 2021 : Le Monde, Repubblica, Correio da Manha, De Telegraaf, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, The Guardian, La Libre Belgique, De Standaard, New York Times. The first of April is of course April Fool’s day (a tradition happily engaged by the press every year, at least in the countries where it’s a tradition, which is the case with the selected national medias). Thus, the game is to identity, in each series of sixteen titles, which one must be scatterbrained. Not an easy game in 2021!

Exhibition's views : Regular Studio

Hors d'oeuvre (Serendipity # 3)

Published on December 19, 2020, Eté78, Brussels

Editors Septembre Tiberghien, Olivier Gevart

Graphic design Mélanie Berger

During 2020, three issues of a publication called Serendipity are published by the art center Eté 78 in Brussels. Every issue starts from an episode of the year 1978. It is given to the participating artists as an inspiration. The issue number 3 is based on the death of the Count Georges Moens de Fernig, on the 16th of August, 1978, a person who played a crucial role in the World Fair of 1958, in Brussels. The work conceived in reaction to this context of creation is a text, titled "Hors d'oeuvre" (a word play in French simultaneously meaning "out of the regular work" and evoking a special dish, given to prestigious guests). Coming together with a photograph of the art center Eté78, taken during a night in August 2020. The text mimicks an highly rational analysis of the constraints of the creation engaged in this project, in its time. It draws the portrait of a mind in search of meaning and logic, who tries to materialize his discomfort under the form of a tangible object, difficult to represent, except perhaps through the metaphorical image of a crushed piece of white porcelain clay, ectoplasm inhabiting his psyche. At the end of the editorial project, an exhibition is inaugurated where the piece of clay is offered, in real to the admiration of the public. Is it a bone, a relic from the Count? Is it a piece of the Holy Cross? Or a representation of our physical existence, in our highly solitary and digital time? 

Images from exhibition : Regular Studios